It feel’s so weird that I’m 7,5 months free of steroids. Lately I notice that my skin is less red. I also didn’t take any anti-histamines for a while, because I felt my body was screaming: ITCH-ATTACK!!!! I have the feeling the itch is less then before. Most of the attacks I can resist, but sometimes I’ll scratch till I’ll bleed.

I don’t know why they don’t do more good researches about the negative effects from topical steroids. I have had extreme (dangerous) fatigue thanks to the bad old corticosteroids. Also I have extreme and very dangerous allergies thanks to those steroids. I’m also more sensitive for colds and infections since I start using these steroids. I regret it still that I start using those steroids 1 year ago. Even if it was the lightest one and the doctor told me it was safe to use it 3 times a day! It was absolutely not safe! Since I started using my skin started to get worse, my allergies are worsened and I’m more sensitive for infections, sunlight and even my thyriod is swollen. There are people who develop lymp note cancer by using corticosteroids (for long periods of time).

There is also a group of people who promote dr Richard Aron threatment. He uses very strong topical steroids mixed with antibiotics and a cream (often vaseline). There are no known people who stopped topical steroids, while there are a lot of healed people because they stopped using steroids. Some of them still got there original eczema, but it isn’t that bad as it used to be when they are still in withdrawal aka red skin syndrome or addicted to steroids.

Right now my skin is doing good (my exceptions are my fingers and nipples). My skin heals amazing when I had put some manuka honey on it. Also I notice that my fingers are itching a lot when I’m in contact with water a lot, so I use latexfree (cleaning) gloves. I also bath once or twice a week in a bath with 16 (big) tablespoons of dead sea salt, 4 (big) tablespoons sodium bicarbonate and sometimes a little bit of epsomsalts.
Lately my migraines are back. I drink a lot of water, but also sometimes a cop of green tea.

Below are some pictures of me now:

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